Real Estate Buying and Selling Services

Here is a list of  services that I offer as your real estate agent:

  1. Property Valuation: This helps sellers determine the market value of their property by conducting comparative market analyses (CMAs) and assessing current market conditions.

  2. Probate and Trusts:  I can assist with all aspects concerning real estate when it comes to trusts and probate proceedings.

  3. Listing and Marketing:  Creating listings for sellers, which include property descriptions, photographs, and marketing materials. They may also promote properties through various channels like MLS (Multiple Listing Service), online listings, and social media.

  4. Buyer Representation: Assist buyers in finding suitable properties by understanding their needs and preferences. Arrange property viewings and provide guidance throughout the buying process.

  5. Negotiation:  Negotiate on behalf of their clients, whether they are buyers or sellers, to secure the best possible terms and prices for transactions.

  6. Market Research:  Staying updated on local real estate market trends, helping clients make informed decisions regarding buying, selling, or investing in properties.

  7. Property Showings:  Organize and conduct property showings for potential buyers, answering questions and providing information about the property and neighborhood.

  8. Contract Preparation:  Draft and review real estate contracts, including purchase agreements, lease agreements, and other legal documents, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

  9. Inspection Coordination:  Assist clients in scheduling property inspections and may provide recommendations for qualified inspectors.

  10. Financing Assistance:  I can refer clients to mortgage lenders or help buyers understand their financing options.

  11. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Analyze recent sales data and market trends to help clients determine the right asking price for their property.

  12. Open Houses: Organize and host open houses to showcase properties to potential buyers.

  13. Legal Guidance:  I can provide basic legal guidance related to real estate transactions.

  14. Commercial Lease Services:  Assist tenants in finding rental properties, negotiating leases, and addressing rental-related issues.

  15. Investment Advice: For clients interested in real estate investment, I can provide advice on investment strategies, property selection, and potential returns.

  16. Relocation Services: Helping individuals or families relocating to a new area find suitable homes and provide information about the community.

  17. Market Analysis Reports:  Comprehensive reports on the real estate market, including trends, pricing, and inventory levels.

  18. Escrow Coordination:  Work with escrow companies to ensure a smooth and secure closing process.

  19. Title and Insurance Guidance: I can recommend title companies and insurance providers to clients and explain the importance of title insurance.

  20. After-Sale Support: I will remain available for post-sales assistance, such as recommending contractors for repairs or renovations.


Contact Information

Brandon Rowley

Realty Executives Main St. LLC
1022 S. Lapeer Rd
Lapeer MI 48446

PH: (810) 728-6417

Real Estate License: 6501397411 (MI)